Welcome Beautiful Soul…

Whether you arrived here on purpose or stumbled upon my site, you are meant to be here.

“The world will be saved by the Western Woman.” – The Dalai Lama

Sister, you are being called to step up.

This call to step up is coming from deep within you.

You wonder….

awakened sister sisterhood

Why am I here?


What is my purpose?

Is it possible to create a better world than this?

I want to change the world.

What part do I play in it?


I want to find my tribe.


Sister, you are being called forward. You are a part of the change. You are on this planet at this time because your purpose is a great one.


You are a part of a global tribe of women awakening to their purpose on this planet.

To heal. To empower. To guide. To shift.

You may not feel ready. You are.

You may be eager to burst forth. We are ready for you.

My name is Meagan Ruppert and I guide women to come into alignment with their truest purpose and desires so that she can do her work and facilitate global awakening and healing. 

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You will uncover your Truest Soul Purpose and reveal the pathway that you are intended to live into that Purpose at this time. You will remove the residue of regret, guilt and shame so that you can step into the power that resides within you. You will tap into your intuition, your truth, and your greatest gifts to burst forth into the world as the Awakened Feminine Leader you were born to be.

When you step forward, you create an exponential impact.

Do not hold back any longer.

It is time.
We are ready for you.


I am here to support you. Please click around and uncover what you it is that you are seeking.

With power & grace,





awakened womens entrepreneur sisterhood

Join the global sisterhood of Awakened Women Entrepreneurs, a free community of like minded women – a safe space to open your heart, get vulnerable, be heard, be seen, and supported as you step forward.


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