Screen Shot 2015-06-17 at 10.43.09 AMDo you feel that you are here to make a difference in the world?

Do you know that you are here for a purpose?

You’ve heard the call from deep within you, but perhaps you are not sure what your purpose is, how to fulfill your it, or what it all means… Can I do it? Will people judge me? Am I strong enough? Do I know enough? Am I good enough? Do I deserve to have an epic and fulfilling life?

The answer is YES.

Your purpose is great and the answers are within you.

You are on this planet to make a difference in the world.

You are worthy and powerful.

You have the power to create the life you desire: for you, for your family, for your world.


I am a visionary coach for conscious, magical, and divine feminine leaders. I guide women to come into alignment with their Truest Soul Purpose and desires so that she can do her work and facilitate global awakening and healing, while creating an epic life.


The time for you to step up is now. Do not wait for the “right time” – there isn’t one. Do not wait until you “feel ready” – the world needs you and you ARE ready!

Take action.

The first step is to Join the global sisterhood of Awakened Women Entrepreneurs, a free community of like minded women – a safe space to open your heart, get vulnerable, be heard, be seen, and supported as you step forward.

If you are ready to create a BIG shift in your life, I invite you to check out the different ways you and I can work together. I have offerings for women at all levels of awakening: Finding and aligning with purpose, launching your business, and taking your business to the next level. 

I’m so glad you are here. If you have any questions, you can contact my team right here. I look forward to supporting you!

About Meagan Ruppert

I am a light worker. I was put on this planet for a massive purpose: to shine light on the dark by helping women awaken to and fulfill their purpose, to connect light points on our planet to the global grid so that our collective consciousness can rise up, shift, and heal our planet and all beings on Earth. Once this is complete, we light workers will have completed our missions and our souls will ascend and go home. 


My bio… The Short Version:

I am a Feminine Purpose + Mindset Mastery Coach combining ancient and modern techniques to guide women to illuminate their inner power so that they can shine their light, fulfill their purpose, and create their indelible mark on the world.

The Daiai Lama said, “The world will be saved by the Western Woman.”

Driven by this, I fulfill my soul purpose by aiding in the realization of this prophecy, showing women how to own her truth, to embrace all of who she is and to release the elements that hold her back.

With my guidance, women are coming into alignment with that truth, releasing their patterns, blocks and limiting beliefs, owning their True Soul Purpose and becoming the confident and powerful leaders our world needs at this time.


The Long Version:

I’ve always been a dreamer. When I was 9 or 10 me and my best childhood friend planned a neighborhood fair – we envisioned tight walkers going between the houses, clowns, jugglers – all that! While we didn’t have tight walkers, this event was a huge success. But the path I was destined to follow for the next 15 or so years was not one of creativity and innovation. I followed the path that I saw everyone else on: graduate high school, pick a major, go to college, graduate, get a job…. I’m sure you’ve heard this story before??

If only someone had tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Hey! You don’t have to do this!”

But I did. God, it wasn’t pretty. I couldn’t decide on a major, switching universities 5 times before I finally settled. I partied hard and abused my body. I was happy on the outside but pretty miserable on the inside.

That all changed one night though. I was working late night on my senior thesis and was aching for some distraction when I remembered seeing girls hula hooping at a music festival I’d been to the year before. So I started searching Youtube for videos and then researching hula hoops to buy. A week later, I was out back trying to FINALLY master how to keep a hoop going on my waste. I became completely obsessed – hours, days, and weeks flew by. It was incredible and I was actually really good at it!

Inside my hoop, I discovered what passion felt like.

A few weeks later, I graduated. 

That day, I remember looking down at my hands, cupping them together and having a vision of the earth in my palms. It was at that very moment I realized that I could do anything I wanted to do.

And so began my entrepreneurial journey. I established a small following for my hoop company and rocked it out for a year. Then I got an opportunity to teach English in Thailand, so I took off for an incredible year. When I returned, I jumped right back on business and this time with a lot of steam. I harnessed the power of the internet, built a Facebook page and started playing around with internet marketing.  I knew I was onto something…

About 6 months after returning to the states – I woke up to my drug abuse and alcohol addiction. I woke up to see I did not love myself. 

I made the decision that I wanted to be happy and so I moved up to the mountains in Northeast Pennsylvania to go inward and heal.

It was there that I had a life changing vision and founded Return to Roots Gathering, a hoop dance, yoga and music festival. Through the process of creating this event, I broke through my fears and limitations and became a community leader AND taught myself, on the fly, how to build a business. I taught myself web design, branding, marketing, advertising, and management.

A few months later I began working at a boutique Marketing & Advertising firm. While there, I mentored under Laurie Guzda and deepened my skills while created thriving online communities and successful marketing campaigns that drove sales and resulted in increased brand awareness for my clients. 

Despite my success,  there was something missing.

In 2012, I began working with clients who were aligned with my values of healing and awakening. Ascending Circles was borne out of a desire to help entrepreneurs get their message out in a bigger way, so they could impact more people and have the freedom to live life on their terms.

I soon began to magnetize women who were seeking their deeper purpose, women who had great soul wisdom, but felt lost as to how to live in alignment with their hearts. 

It became clear that my purpose was evolving and I began to dive deep with awakening women, helping them uncover their True Soul Purpose through their stories and guiding them to reveal their path to living into and fulfilling that purpose. 

My work is not about giving clients a magic potion. My work is in giving clients the tools to uncover their path and their truth. I help my clients to reveal their True Soul Purpose, awaken to their innate power, and ascend to global, feminine leadership.

I use a potion of intuition, accountability, strategy and magic to support my my tribe.


Most recently, my fiance and I welcomed an amazing little light into the world, Oliver Sky. I did a tremendous amount of mindset work throughout my pregnancy which resulted in a 2.5 hour homebirth that was nearly unassisted because I was so present in the moment, free of fear, comfortable in my body and in full faith and surrender to the process – which is what I teach my clients to do!

I am excited to see where they life takes me (and perhaps you and I together!). Thank you for taking the time to dive in with me. xo

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