Are You Leading a Double Life ?



I’m all about having it all – this AND that, instead of this OR that. I firmly believe that you can and should express ALL of who you are when it comes to living life on purpose. I believe that you should not hold back from doing things because you think you shouldn’t do them, or that you do things because you think you should.

However, it is possible to self-sabotage yourself if you don’t understand HOW to have it all.

Let me explain…     

Here are a couple of examples:

You want to launch your business. You’ve spent the last year building, building, building and just when you are on the cusp of stepping out into the world in a bigger way, you decide to go to a weeklong festival right in the middle of planning and your big launch takes a back seat to your adventure.


You invest an enormous amount of money, time and energy into getting getting your yoga teacher training certificate. You pushed through the resistance it took to get through the course and now that you can finally start leading the workshops you’ve been envisioning for years, you don’t feel like you know enough so you don’t put your work out there. Then you go sign up for an herbalism course, invest the time, money and energy into that and then you do the same thing and shrink back, thinking you still don’t know enough. And so you sign up for another….. you get the point.

What’s happening here is that you are leading a double life. You say you want one thing, take the steps to make it happen, but then shrink back because of your fear and resistance. Your actions are in alignment.until they aren’t.

You do one thing that is in total alignment. Then you let the inner self-saboteur take over and so you do another thing that is out of alignment.

And here’s the thing – You can have it all.

You can launch your business and go to that festival. You can get the yoga and herbalism certificates.

But you need to do it in an aligned way.

What I mean by this is that you need to be strategic AND you need to make your decisions from your heart, not your head.

Because what’s really happening when you decided to go to that festival is that you felt like you needed to have the mind expanding experience in order to have the strength to launch your business, but you already have the strength. It’s really your fear that’s got you pulling back and sabotaging your big launch.

And when you sign up for the next certification when you haven’t even used the first one, you’re doing it because you feel like it will make you more qualified and people will take you more seriously, but the truth is that people would believe in you and take you seriously, certificate or not. YOU just have to believe in you.

So go to the festival and have the mind expanding experience, then spend the next 12 months moving the lessons you learned out into the world through your business.

Get the herbalism certificate, but teach the yoga workshops while you do.

You can have it all – and you can have it all THIS SECOND. But you need to make the decision that you are worthy of having it all.


<this could be a good spot to add a bit of your personal stuff here, I don’t think it has to be crazy in depth but def a bit of yourself and journey>

Have you been leading a double life?


If you have been leading a double life because you are stuck in fear or resistance then I’d love the opportunity to support you in stepping back into your power so that you can move your purpose and mission out into the world.


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